Woman snatched Sbahle Mpisane’s weave at accident scene


DURBAN – As popular fitness trainer Sbahle Mpisane fought for her life after her car hit a tree on Margaret Mncadi Avenue (the Victoria Embankment) last week, an unknown woman who witnessed the accident, snatched Mpisane’s weave hair piece off her while she was unconscious and made off with it.

This is according to Brian Dube, who helped extinguish the fire which engulfed Mpisane’s car, helping save her life.

Speaking to The Independent on Saturday, Dube, who is a personal trainer and lives in a flat near the crash scene, said he heard the crash as he was getting ready for work in the early hours of August 9.

“It was about 4.15am. I opened my window and saw the horribly crushed car. I noticed there was a lady in the vehicle.

“I rushed towards it because I saw the car was on fire and I grabbed the fire extinguisher. The car was burning and I had to try and save the woman.”

Dube said he had no idea it was the well-known Mpisane, saying before he reached the vehicle, a woman rushed towards the car and “grabbed the weave off the injured woman’s head and ran away with it”.

“That’s why I did not recognise Sbahle, because I’ve only ever seen her with her weave on. I couldn’t believe the woman stole it and didn’t offer any help,” Dube said.

He said Mpisane was alone in the vehicle. Another passer-by stopped and helped Dube extinguish the fire.

“It was so dark that morning that I wouldn’t recognise the guy who helped me if I saw him again. After we put the fire out, he left because he thought she was dead. I stood there alone for about 10 minutes, because I wanted to see if she was breathing.

“She moved her arm and I realised she was alive, so I screamed to call the ambulance.”

Paramedics arrived on the scene and had to use jaws of life to free Mpisane from the wrecked BMW M4.

“The paramedics informed me the woman had sustained serious injuries and had broken her leg.

“When I got to the car, it was upturned. I didn’t touch her. I was afraid that if I pulled her out, it would cause further injuries so I waited for the paramedics,” Dube said.

Mpisane’s father, prominent Durban businessman Sbu Mpisane, said his 25-year-old daughter remains in ICU at St Augustine’s Hospital.

“She has no idea she is in hospital. She has been in for surgery which was successful and we are hoping for better recovery in due time as she is critically injured,” he said.